Why sum-if function does'nt work in my form,

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sum-if fucntion does'nt work in my form

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I am not sure if the sum-if function is supported. However, you can achieve the desired result using the IF statement.

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I don't think there's a way to do this with a combination of sum and if. I think you will need to use an expression that will look something like:

sum(${group_stock_out}[commodity_name_2 != 'oil']/quantityout)

${group_stock_out} references the repeat.

The square brackets ([ and ]) contain a filter condition. This is the same as a choice_filter for a select. That condition will be evaluated for each repeat instance of ${group_stock_out}. Notice that commodity_name_2 is not in ${}.

For each repeat instance of ${group_stock_out} that matches the condition in the square brackets, you will get the value for its quantityout. And that is what will be summed.

I haven't tried this yet. If you do try it out, please report back whether it works and if you have any other questions about this approach.

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Could you try out the solution from LN?