Will ODK work for what we are trying to do?

I cannot go into details about the company I work for at the moment. In our planning phases, we need to collect user information on the quantity of hardware systems, parts, etc to consider for financial planning. That data is reviewed, modified by a project manager, and available for display. What we want to display are the hardware components available, survey the users to see what quantity of those parts they require, then have a project manager be able to assign the quantities that are affordable. All of this data would be in separate columns like: Part Name; Quantity Requested; Quantity Allocated.

Is this possible using ODK?


You would probably need to flesh out the detail a bit, but from the description it looks like what you are after will be possible with ODK. Get in touch if you need more assistance.

Since data collection is part of the project, definitely ODK would form part of your solution. In addition you would need an online dashboard/database to customize your analytics. The dashboard would be fed by field collected data from odk collect.