Working with Simprints

Has anyone heard of Simprints and actually worked with their device? On their website, they say they work within the ODK system, but I could not find anything to see if anyone has used this with ODK in the field?

Thanks in advance!

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I have heard of their device and actually wanted to try it out. I contacted
them but have not received feed back to date.

Am also interested in knowing whether anyone has actually interacted with
the device.

I wrote to them as well, and so far no response. Let's hope that maybe a different member of the community has worked with them.

Last I heard, @Ukang_a_Dickson had been working with Simprints on an implementation. See here for more details.

The forked implementation I linked to in that thread could work for a simple deployment. I think it would be useful to include a carefully-considered fingerprint widget implementation into core at some point.

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Hello Helene,
thanks for that. It seems I have to wait a while longer for it to work properly. But very excited already :slight_smile:.