XLS Forms Creating questions consultant/assistant required

I am new and want to ask some principal questions about the functions of ODK and ODK collect. I saw here some discussions and examples about this theme but I think it would be to complicate to merge the the functions I need to one form.
What I want is to create some forms for my projects, and in this forms the beginning of questions should be always the same, and after this the rest of the questions can differ for each form.
The questions at the beginning of the survey are:
First question should be a question (listfield?) to select a Point (from a intern list or a attached csv with waypoints) in case that no GPS is available. After select the Point from the list, some additional information should be displayed of this point under the question.
Alternatively the user can use a second question to select a point/marker (stored at the list) with the "select one from map" widget that should show all the points from the list and the current location with gps in a map (if possible from offline map at the device?)
Alternatively the user can also input a text/number in the Listfield for a new point that is not stored at the list / csv table.
After select one point (at question 1 or 2) a third question can selected optional, to push the name and Coordinates of the selected point to a navigation app (like I see it at a example here to push to Organicmaps) or, if possible to share the Name and coordinates of the selected point to another navigationapp.
At this Point the questions of the survey will start at the survey for different projects.
The problem for me is, I saw different posts and discussions about this, and I think that for all are some widgets suitable, but if I see the different xlsforms I can not merge this to one form.
So Is there someone who can help me or maybe some would do it as a small freelancer project?

This should be quite rare unless the form is meant to be used indoors in a place without wifi / in a really dense forest. Have you tried getting location with the devices you want to use and observed that getting GPS is often not possible?

What you describe all sounds possible! I think the trickiest part will be writing the relevance expressions to make sure each question shows and hides under the right conditions. You can start by defining all the different questions for one section and then adding in logic.

I would strongly recommend starting and seeing how far you can get. If you run into a problem, you can ask about the specific challenge you have. If you provide information on your high-level workflow (what you'd like the users of your form to do, step by step), you'll be more likely to get meaningful help.

If you prefer to hire someone to do this for you, you can provide details in this thread on how to contact you or post in the dedicated marketplace.

Hi LN,
thank you for your prompt and detailed answer.
About GPS, yes it is not so often, but some points are in deep forest and sometimes there is the GPS signal to poor to locate the position exact....
Yes I agree it would better to try to solve it myselve, and I download me some examples with solutions to similar problems. But I think I dont have the time, so If someone is intrerested to do it.
What do you think, it is very special? And how complex would it be to solve it? It is a work for one day one week or what you think? Because I have a limited budget.
Basically for

  1. "Listfield" Question to select one of choice list and display additional values of this point from the choice list. Alternatively the user can also input a text/number in the Listfield for a new point that is not stored at the list.
  2. "Select one from map" to select one of choice list and display additional values of this.
    Optional 3: push the name, description and Coordinates of the selected point to a navigation app, like Organicmaps or share to a navigation app, similar to the "wayfindig xlsform", only that there should the points of the list visible at the map, to select one and navigate to this.
    Can I post my email adress here if somone intrested?
    Thanks for your help.
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Ah yes, then you're right that it will be difficult to get accurate points.

It's hard to tell without the full details of your workflow but what you've shared seems like it would be relatively quick for an experienced form designer.

You are welcome to share your contact info, yes.

Ok, thanks....
If some is interessted contact me marcus.werum@freenet.de
I can send more details to calculate....

Hi Marcus,
If you are still on the lookout to hire someone, I would be glad to help you out as what you are wanting done is within my skillset
You can reach out to me on my email here

Hi Colin1,
sorry for this project I got help for a solution....