XLSForm conversion: the prefix "label" for element "label:English" is not bound

Hello ODK users,
when i add media::image column to my xls form, and then i add file name (logo.jpg) in mentioned cell it give a fatal error, error shot is attached, please view the error and then, help if you have solution.

Probably it's because you used a single colon char but according to the doc http://xlsform.org/ it should be double. Am I right?


dear @Grzesiek2010, thanks so much for your comment.
the issue is in media::image, when i write (logo jpg), it give this massage, while after deleting (logo jpg), the form convert normally.
the issue is, i want to use our logo at the beginning of our form, but unfortunately i cant. if you can do that, please guide me.
thanks so much for your comment.

Here is an example of a from with a logo: filed_list_and_media.xls (7 KB)


done, thank you so much dear