XLSForm Image Formatting

Hey ODK Community!

Can anyone help me with a XLSForm formatting issue?

I am trying to include images for 'choices' within the form. I know how to add the pictures correctly within the form, but I want the images to also include labels once the form is downloaded in the ODK Collect App.

So, how do you format the XLSForm to include both the image and labels of 'choices' so that both appear in the Collect App?


In your choices sheet, if you include a media::image column, it should show both the image and the label. http://xlsform.org/#media has a link to the Birds XLSForm that demonstrates this.

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I have it formatted like that, but all that shows is the image. I wonder if
appearance has anything to do with it?

As of now, I have my appearance for a select_one question as 'Compact-3'
grid. Would images and the labels not show up under this appearance format?
Would this be better suited as a list?

Will O

I have changed the appearance of the question to 'Compact-1' and the problem is still persisting--I am not able to see the label for each image. I am beginning to think that it might have something to do with the size of the image. Yes? No? Any suggestions?

If you could please provide a small form that illustrates the problem, that would really help with troubleshooting. It would also be helpful if you could try smaller images and report back on what you find, that is an interesting hypothesis.

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Example book.xlsx (9.9 KB)

here is the survey question with the choices

Here are the images for each parameter!

Hi william,

if you mean like that


Ebook.xlsx (9.7 KB)

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Thanks Nader! It worked! the only problem is that two of the images are smaller than the rest once the form is uploaded to collect. Any idea how to fix this?

Thanks again!

You are welcome,

In fact when i deal with images, the best way to avoid problem is make a single standard for Height, Width for all images.

Check the Height and width of the small images then make it like as one of the good one.

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hello every one ,
i want to ask about insert slogan for a survey in xls form odk ?
and this slogan appear when fill data in the head of form .


No way to automatically add a label on tje top of each screen.
Maybe you should use a note instead and place it anywhere you want to show it.