Xlsform/ODK skip logic


It's me again. Is the following accepted/allowed in odk relevant?: ${q3} = '1' or ${q4} ='1'... can I list variables on one line?

Yes you can list variables in one line.

Thanks Narendra! How come mine isn't working? Is there something wrong with my syntax?

hi @ray_wamalwa
can we know the question type to q3 and q4, if they are single select option (select_one) then i suggest you remove the quote on 1, but if it is a multiple select option (select_multiple) then the quote is fine.


Please share your form so we can give you more and correct information.


It looks like you are using curled “smart quotes” and that may be causing the problem. Try to replace them by straight ‘ quotes and see if that helps.

Thank you Abdul, Narendra and Helene for your response! I'll try out your suggestions and if I fail, then I'll attach the form here.

Thank you all again, have a blessed day,


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