XLSForm Offline: Easily create, convert, and validate forms

Hi all,

The team at Nafundi has always wanted a way to design and test forms
without needing Internet access, so we made one!

Nafundi's XLSForm Offline is an app for Windows and Mac that converts
data collection forms created with the XLSForm standard into XForms
that ODK Collect or ODK Aggregate need. Once converted, it also
validates that the XForm will run perfectly with all ODK tools.

XLSForm Offline does not need an Internet connection, so it's always
available, very fast, and easy to use. Just choose an Excel file and
press the Run button to get an ODK-ready XForm.

XLSForm Offline is compatible with ODK, Formhub, Enketo, Ona,
SurveyCTO, CommCare, and Kobo Toolbox, and we think it is the easiest
way to create, convert, and validate forms.

Download the latest version at https://gum.co/xlsform-offline