XLSForm Online Preview link validity


I have been using the XLSForm online and had shared the preview form link to a few members in my team, after about a week, I noticed that the preview form link was no longer working.

Could you please let me know how long the preview form link will be valid for?

Karthik s

We think of the server as a conversion tool, not a long-lived preview tool.

The server generally keeps the conversion around for 30 days, but it can be a lot less if the server is rebooted or is running out of space.

I suppose we could change this behavior and guarantee some fixed number of days. How long do you think the preview should stay around?

Thanks for the quick response, Is it possible to have the preview link be available for 90 days?

@Karthik_Cs, are you using ODK Central by chance? If so, note that the upcoming release will add Enketo preview. Central already supports Draft Forms, which means that with the new release, Project Managers will be able to preview a Draft Form that has been uploaded.

Dear Matthew,
So far we have been using ODKAggregate only for several projects. As I understand in ODK central says it is still in development, can we use it for production?

And now we have a major necessity to use role based permission to access survey forms and data, do let me know how I can incorporate this feature with ODKAggregate for ongoing projects.

ODKAggregate with postgresql database- is there a default primary key or can the admin set up a unique key? because through pgadmin4 web interface I'm unable to edit any columns due to no default primary key for ODK database? As you know there is always a human error and that needs to be corrected in the backend.

Thanks for the help!


Is it possible to have the preview link be available for 90 days?

@yanokwa Do I have any update on this request?

Thanks a lot!


Yes, ODK Central can be used in production! ODK Central has been out of beta for the past couple of releases.

See this help article for information about permissions in ODK Aggregate. Note that a user's permissions in Aggregate are the same for all forms: a user cannot have different permissions to different forms. See this forum discussion for more information.

Note that Central allows permissions to be managed at a more granular level: forms and users are grouped by Project, and you can also manage form access within a Project.

I'm not sure about this, but I would recommend creating a separate topic about this question.