Xlslform and geofencing

1. What is the issue? Please be detailed.

Hello, I would like to ensure that my GPS point is within a perimeter previously defined in my xlsform script. The project must be published on central, therefore impossible to use an external csv file. What solution in this case?2. What steps can we take to reproduce this issue?

Welcome @Landry_Kientega,
Maybe, the showcase from the forum can help you ODK geofence (v1).

Thank you, but this case use geoshape function.
I want to choice a defined polygon. According to the polygon, the geopoint relevant message will says if i'm inside the good.

Would you mind to explain this and provide the XLSForm part, please?

I have 4 zones to explore and take points. To be sure that the investigators are always inside the good place, a need a control system.
This is xlsform part that i tried, but without success.

Sorry, probably you need to study the example/discussion linked above, please, and adapt it. Xlslform and geofencing - #2 by wroos.

Thank you. I will continue my research.