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Hello ODK Users,

I am new to ODK and want to create my first questionaire making use of ODK. The questionaire will have around 100 questions and will be in englisch and arabic. Also it will have some questions that are only for applicable to a group of people and should only pop up when a certain answer is given. When it comes to creating the questionaire, I understand that I can either use ODK Build or an XLS Form template. I have tried ODK Build and would now also like to try the XLS Form Template to choose the best for my purposes.
Could anyone send me a link to an XLS Standard Form that I could use as a template?

Thank you for your support!



Hi Ruben,

I suggest you to start from here: http://xlsform.org/en/
Here you can find everything you want to know about XLSform and it is plenty of examples you can download.


Thank you Aurelio!

I agree it is a great resource for XLS Forms. There are however not so many examples for XLS Files but more XML Form examples. If you know where else to look please be so kind and share.

Thanks alot!

All the best,


Dear Ruben,

the http://xlsform.org is full of links to xls files with examples: