Xpath Dependency cycle error explanation needed

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Can anyone please explain me about "Error: b'ODK Validate Errors:\nXForm Parse Error: XPath Dependency Cycle" . Can I anywhere read about errors in detail

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It means you have a question that has logic that depends on itself and that's a paradox.

For example, if on q1 you have a relevance that says ${q1}=5, then that's a cycle. You can't decide whether or not to display q1 by checking if q1=5 before displaying q1.


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Thanks for the reply . Is there any website or page where I can read about the possible errors in detail.

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There isn't a place that enumerates all the potential errors. The form specification at https://opendatakit.github.io/xforms-spec might help, as well as our docs http://docs.opendatakit.org, and of course the search function on this very forum.

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Does it apply within the group also?