You have downloaded two different forms with the same form ID and version

1. What is the problem? Be very detailed.
our workplace start a new project for collecting data from schools and they gave us Tablets with ODK collect and start working on the project, however, due to lack of time I suggested downloading odk collect and signed in with the same QR code on the tablet
after six hours of working, I finished and when I tried to send the form I had got this message " You have downloaded two different forms with the same ID and version. Maybe they were the same form uploaded at different times or to different servers. In any case, you should delete one. "

please I tried everything I need help immediately or I will back to do it again

What version of ODK Collect are you using?

Delete whatever forms you have in the app. Then do a clean GET BLANK FORM. It will work fine.

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i have odk collect version 2021.3.4

Can you please explain more .. what do you mean by deleting whatever forms

it actually worked >> I whiped the forms and reconfigure with QR code

  1. first I went to : settings >> project management >> pressed on reset >> checked on
    a. Blank forms
    b. form load cache

  2. click on reset

  3. now you need to reconfigure with QR code from Project management then capture the same QR code