ZHI seeks Strategic Information, Evaluation and Learning Director in Zimbabwe

Job description

The position will report to the Chief of Party. The Strategic Information, Evaluation and Learning Director will be responsible for designing and implementing systems to ensure appropriate tracking and assessment of all project activities. S/he will have primary responsibility of ensuring the prompt and on-time reporting on project outputs and outcomes (routine aggregate data) and for ensuring quality analytics are done to guide specific interventions. S/he will also support overall knowledge management requirements within the project. S/he will plan and guide the conduct of implementation research and any “deep-dive” analyses to inform program implementation and quality assurance systems as required. S/he will support all the technical staff in M and E functions and will supervise the M and E team.

Connection to ODK

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: Proficiency with data collection, management, analysis, and visualization software, including MS Excel, DHIS2, Open Data Kit and SPSS;

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