A place where to share forms

I ask myself about such a place to describe forms and share xls and media files. For the moment I publish some blog posts but it is not exhaustive and a bit too verbose to be generalized I think :

Could it be a dedicated subjetc in this forum (like the "showcase" category) ?
With use of optionnal tags to describe the application field of the form

  • health,
  • agriculture,
  • environement,
  • ecology,
  • species monitoring
  • ...

, and a draft like this

  • application domain
  • brief description
  • media files schema
  • tips and tricks about this form

Thanks for your ideas and advices.


I think this is a really great concept, @mathieubossaert, thanks for bringing it up. Not only are sample forms a great way to share knowledge, they're also really helpful for developers to build test cases from. The more real, complex forms we have access to, the more we can ensure that the tools meet users' needs.

I really enjoyed your blog post and I think that at the very least you should write a showcase post that links out to it.

I think that the Showcase is a good place for this kind of sharing and I agree with you that a more structured approach would help make things easier to find. I vaguely remember that @Xiphware had started putting together a template but I'm not sure what the conclusion there was. Maybe it's something that could be picked back up?

In terms of indexing, there's The showcase index which I had started in the hopes of making relevant examples easier to find. I haven't had the time to keep it up to date but it's a community post so perhaps others could start updating it and adding other dimensions to index on?

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Great, I will take some time to translate and adapt the post for the shawcase and I am also intersted in try / discuss @Xiphware template to describe foms :slight_smile:

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I had/have a template we used for a couple of the showcase projects, but I dont really have any official 'template' for describing cool forms. Although I guess you could go checkout the few I posted a while back and see if something along those lines would make sense more generally...


But I think this is perhaps something where you could probably tread new (and far better!) ground: a nice template for showcasing forms! :slight_smile: As always, I'm more than happy to provide constructive criticism... :wink:


Hi @Xiphware and @LN, I hope you are well.

I think about a skeleton like that? Do you have an idea, suggestion, critic ?

Field of application / thematic

health, diseases, social, ecology, agriculture, biodiversity...


why use mobile data collection, ODK, field difficulties or particularity

Form user profile

expert, newbie, ...

Logic of the form

explained by some text or drawing

Tips and tricks used in the form

Problems to be solved / solved

Topics in the forum relatives to that showcase

for both tips and tricks and feature request


  • to explain some particular point

Tools used for data processing

  • to give some ideas and feedback on that

Resources (link to xls and multimedia files)