About Unconferences

As you can see in the ODK Convening Agenda, the third and final day of the convening is going to be an unconference.

If you haven't been to an unconference before, I hope you're excited to try something new! The goal of an unconference is to let community members steer discussion. You'll choose what to talk about, whether it's a long-held interest of yours or something inspired by an earlier session at the convening.

This video by the Sunlight Foundation is a great intro to unconferences. One thing you'll see in the video is The Wall. The wall is a collection of topics written by the community and voted for by other attendees via check marks. You'll be able to add topics to the wall, and add check marks to topics, throughout the convening. Then, on the third day, we'll put together the most popular topics into a schedule.

One of the things I love about unconferences is that they push communities to take control of their own destinies. Want to talk about something? Suggest it! Have you realized the session topic isn't quite what you expected, and want to try something else? Follow the 'rule of two feet' and go find another session!

If you have any questions at all about unconferences, please ask away!


Thanks, @shaunagm for this great explanation and for facilitating the topic creation! Unconferences are so much fun and I've been to several that were deeply productive. I'm really looking forward to it.