Add form language change to form audit log

What high-level problem are you trying to solve?
When you do a multi-lingual survey, it's important to know what language the user selected because it could affect the analysis. For example, a bad translation in a choice list.

Any ideas on how ODK could help you solve it?
Currently, you can put a question in form asking the data collector which language they are using, but it's not a guarantee that they are actually using that language.

We could add form language as metadata (like deviceID), but because language can be changed at any time during the form filling session "chosen language", we'd have to be very precise about what it means (e.g., language on the last question).

I think the likely best option is to add it to the form audit log (e.g., form language changed). It won't be as easily accessible as metadata, but at least it'll be available for use.

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I would like both, please: metadata (last) and audit.

A work-around we used is to store a jr-choice label or the week-day name. We even used this to constraint the used language.

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@wroos Adding multiple ways to do things adds to the maintenance. Can you explain what you'd use both approaches for and why one isn't sufficient?

The form developper could decide which one to use. Often, a last language metadata might be enough. Also,

  • as far as I know, audit is not (yet?) available for Enketo and
  • audit files need much work for analysing.

Even a function could be good option and perhaps the most flexible one.