Add more metadata to the audit log

There is useful information about the form filling session that is not included in the audit log. If there are problems with a form filling session, that audit log information.

  • Form name, version, ID -- this is already in the instance, but it would be nice to have in the log to keep that information together with the audit.
  • Collect version, Android version -- useful to know if a form was filled with a buggy version of Collect
    Language change -- useful to know what the enumerator was seeing when filling out the form. Translation could have been bad.
    See user request: Know which language the survey was administered in
    There are some ongoing conversations about introducing a virtual instance for metadata but feels separate from this implementation.

Great features! Looking forward to try these out

Hey @yanokwa, the Android version is one of the most important things which can help when you have a large team of data collectors. You should know who is collecting data on which version of form as well as which version of OS.