Add new group - a more intuitive way?

What is the general goal of the feature?
To provide a simple and intuitive way for a user to add another group if they are not working in a purely linear fashion.

With repeat groups the only way I can see to add a new group is to navigate to the last question in the group and then try to go past it (to trigger the 'Add New Group' dialogue).

For me it would be really great to have a button for 'Add New Group' in the Jump Menu / 'list view' of questions if I am within a repeat group. I have had trouble explaining this to users who are not yet proficient with ODK 'logic'.

In my case the fact that ODK can be used in a not-entirely-linear fashion is a great bonus, and skipping around the form is essential for adding information as it arises in a survey in the field, but that means that the user needs to remember to go to the last question of the repeat in order to add a new group, which doesn't match the simplicity and power of the Jump Menu / 'list view'.

There is already a button 'go up' when in this Jump Menu / list view, so replacing 'Go to End' with 'Add Group' in this scenario might be more logical? So if the recorder actually wants to 'Go to End' (i.e. save and exit) whilst within a repeat group he/she needs to 'Go up' first? That would also safeguard against missing questions that are in the main form but after the repeat group (without making them 'required')... It would reinforce the concept of repeat groups being 'nested' within a main form (e.g. subsets of linked data).

What are some example use cases for this feature?
Any form with repeat groups where there might be a need to skip around the form (i.e. using the excellent existing functionality!)

What can you contribute to making this feature a reality?
Not really in my field of competence, sorry.

This is looking a lot like Refinements to Repeat Group Navigation! Please take a read through the specification @tomsmyth has proposed at and share any comments you have at Refinements to Repeat Group Navigation!

The major difference I see between what you've outlined and the proposal is that you're proposing to replace 'Go to End' with 'Add Group' rather than making group adding an addition. I can definitely see the logic in that.

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@seewhy I believe that this is now addressed by adding and removing groups from the jump menu which is available in Collect v1.19+. Does that sound right? If so, I'd like to mark this thread as solved.

I liked your description of how you use that functionality in another thread.

Good point - this has indeed been addressed and I use this new method when coming back to previously saved forms. It is an intuitive way of it working.

Thanks - good idea to 'clean up' the forum so that when people like me are looking for a solution I can be reminded that I've already asked the question and it has been solved!

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