Addition of "quick" appearance to barcode question type

When implementing a workflow that involves scanning numerous barcodes in a repeat group, our team would find it helpful to be able to apply a "quick" appearance (or similar) to the barcode question type. Our concern is that changing the button text from "Get Barcode" to "Replace Barcode" risks someone replacing the same barcode 10x or 100x, for example, rather than continuing with the repeat group. Instead, we would like to auto-advance to the next item in the group as soon as a valid barcode (i.e., with a passing constraint) has been scanned.

In case this matters:

  • Our barcode question is one of several questions in the group that give the enumerator the option of manually entering the barcode if it could not be scanned.
  • The ability to hide the raw value would still be helpful, if possible, as that feature would be used in a different context.

Thank you, as always, for your input and consideration!

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