Aggregate keeps refreshing

Hello everyone,

I came up with an ODK Aggregate problem, where the website keeps refreshing all the time. I have seen several posts with the solution to this problem, including this one, but I have never worked nor have any experience with the Google Cloud Platform.

From a post at GitHub ( I read that I can grant developer access to ODK to solve the problem - "We strongly recommend giving us developer access to do this, unless you are very systematic and detail-oriented."

I would like to know if someone can help me with this issue. Thanks in advance.


Hi @Francisco_Carballo. Would you happen to know what version of Aggregate you are running?

Hello @yanokwa,

I am not sure how I can check that. I am using the web browser for Aggregate to upload new forms, and Briefcase to download finalized data.

Hi @Francisco_Carballo, login to Aggregate, then navigate to the site admin section.
You will see Version Information there.

Hello @dicksonsamwel,

I can't navigate through Aggregate, it refreshes every second.

Hello Yan and everyone,

It has been a while and this problem is still not solved. I have followed the steps you mentioned in this post (ODK Aggregate Keeps Refreshing) and in this GitHub entry (, but the same error ocurrs.

I hope somebody can shed some light to the problem here.


What version of ODK Aggregate are you using?

Hi, @Francisco_Carballo!

You can check Upgrading Aggregate - Determining your Aggregate version to know how to determine the version you're running.

Hello @yanokwa and @ggalmazor,

Thank both for your help. Problem has been solved deleting the last three entries from the GCP.


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