Announcing changes to broaden our community

Open Data Kit was started to make mobile data collection tools for resource-limited settings. Over the last 13 years, the project has produced two tool suites (ODK, ODK-X) and has become home to a community of users, implementers and developers.

To broaden the community that has grown around the project, we are retiring the use of the “Open Data Kit” brand and forming a new umbrella organization, Data Software For Social Good (DSFSG). DSFSG aims to enable collaboration within the data software for social good ecosystem and welcome a diverse and independent set of member projects.

As an initial step in building DSFSG, ODK and ODK-X have moved to their own web sites. The specific changes that have been made are:


  • ODK has moved to the domain
  • Social media, GitHub and other accounts now use the “getodk” name
  • The project will be referred to as just ODK not Open Data Kit
  • The project's leadership (TSC-1) remains the same


Open Data Kit

  • The “Open Data Kit” brand is no longer being used
  • The website has been simplified to redirect traffic to the project websites
  • Other project-specific content has been migrated or redirected as necessary


  • ODK and ODK-X will be the initial members of DSFSG
  • We are putting the finishing touches on the organization and will be sharing more soon

We expect minimal disruption from these changes, but if you run into problems or have any questions or comments, please leave them below.


ODK team,
This is very exciting to read!! Can't wait to hear more about DSFSG!!

I love being part of the ODK community, and will be excited to learn more about participating in further initiatives...



Thanks for the update @yanokwa and well done


@yanokwa, this is a great news and please keep us all updated.


Exciting updates!!. Thanks Yaw. :smiley:


Thanks you sir, for updated us