Application at context path /ODKAggregate could not be started

Aggregate v1.7.1 with Apache Tomcat v 8.5.35,showing "FAIL - Application at context path /ODKAggregate could not be started" in Tomcat Web Application Manager.
I need assistance.

Here are logs: (21.7 KB) (1.9 KB)

I will be very thankful to you.



Please try with Tomcat 7, it should work fine. I tried with Tomcat 8 and it didn't work for me.


The catalina logs don't provide a ton of hints.

If you have other apps in the webapps folder (dhabcbr, dhaprbr, dhaseesbr - Copy, dhaseesbr, ODKAggregate - Copy) remove them for now and see if that improves the situation. If that doesn't help, maybe increase the RAM you have allocated to Tomcat?

No sir.i install Tomcat 7,but it's not working..

Sir,i adopt both ways:
1- Remove App from Webapps folder
2- Increase RAM of Tomcat

Both ways are not working.

Please guide me.

Now what do your logs say?

Sir, (9.4 KB) (701 Bytes)

Here are both logs.. (1.1 KB) (4.8 KB)

@tasadduq786 These logs don't really match what you've described above and there are a lot of moving pieces. For example, you said you are using Tomcat 7, but the logs say Tomcat 6. And you said you've removed dhaprbr, but I see that application loading in the logs.

We are limited in the help we can provide. What is your high-level goal here? Do you have an existing Aggregate install you are trying to upgrade?

Thanks Sir.
1-I remove all the applications from webapps and then tested,but face same issue.
2-I am using Tomcat 7,when i update Tomcat from 6 to 7,i use old folder that named was Tomcat 6.

Sir,I know you provide help on limited basis,but i will be very grateful for your assistant.


I have Aggregate 1.7.1 up and running whith no problems in Debian 9 with OpenJDK and Tomcat 8 as delivered from Debian.

So: maybe it may help. if you:

1.) do a fresh install of OpenJDK and Tomcat 8 plus tomcat admin
2.) check, if tomcat works as expected
3.) rerun the Installer to produce a new WAR file
4.) Deploy the WAR with tomcat admin and see, if it works or if it produces any errors as you deploy it.

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