Automatically display a set of fields with pre-filled data based on a type of selection

Hi Everyone,
So basically I have a set of already existing data (say for example a University Student Records which contains: ID, Name, Gender and Image), then i have a separate field called "Enter/Select ID" which already has all the Students ID stored in it, now what i want my form to do is that when i select any ID, automatically the corresponding Student's (ID, Name, Gender and Image) will appear for easy referencing.

Is this possible using xlsform, if yes how?
Thanks and will so much appreciate your help!

Similar type of question is answered in the forum. Could you please check this discussion I interview two girls data given in csv

For better understanding you can check how pull data function works:

THANK YOU ARIF, Is uploading the CSV file in ONA the same as uploading a Media File?