Automating Data Transfer Between Forms Using API

Sure, here’s a more technical rewrite of your request:

Dear all

In my Community Health Worker (CHW) project, I am managing two forms:

  1. Registration Form
  2. RMNCHA Form

The Registration Form contains various data elements that need to be extracted and utilized as media files in the RMNCHA Form. These elements include:

  • District
  • Name of CHW
  • CHW Code
  • CHW Mobile Number
  • Peer Supervisor Name
  • PHU Name
  • Head of Household Name
  • Total Members
  • Number of Children
  • Number of Newborns
  • Number of Pregnancies

Currently, these data elements are manually inputted into the RMNCHA Form. I am looking for a solution to automate this process.

Specifically, I would like to link the two forms using an API so that the RMNCHA Form can automatically pull data from the Registration Form. Could you provide guidance or resources on how to achieve this integration?

Thank you for your assistance.

Best regards,


Have you looked at the new entities functionality? This might be a good use for it. There's an overview at

Is the RMNCHA Form filled our immediately after the Registration Form, or are there two separate data collection phases?

Dear Dan joseph,
We tried to use the new entities but it was not working as expected.

You'll need to provide more details.

You didn't answer if the RMNCHA Form filled our immediately after the Registration Form, or are there two separate data collection phases?

Also, what were you expecting with the new entities that didn't work?

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Dear Dan,

Thank you for your responses. After a household registration, the RMNCHA can be completed either immediately or during a follow-up. We do not want the registration data to be re-entered. Instead, the RMNCHA form should automatically retrieve the necessary data from the household registration form when the household's unique ID is searched for to update a household member's information.

I hope this clarifies the process. If you have any further questions, I am happy to answer them.


We have been in a similar situation. We developed an Android app that would get data from one form and feed it into another in real-time. But, it takes time to build an Android app and requires expertise to link the data. For a quick solution, you can use:

  1. entities as @danbjoseph suggested.
  2. Central API, R/Python, and a cronjob/task scheduler to get data from one form and attach it to the other form. @Thalie has explained the process here.