Autopopulating fields based on other select_one field

I am trying to auto-populate the text fields according to EMIS number selected from the dropdown menu. As the EMIS number is unique for all the schools in my form I am using it to populate school name, bank name,(these are all text fields), etc. I upload a CSV containing all the data and used search('CSV Name') and pulldata() to achieve this but I'm failing to do so.
I found an example in the forum but it doesn't work.
Here is the link to it :
These are two files used in the example :
GIRL_FORM.xlsx (8.3 KB)
GIRL_CSV_DATA.csv (221 Bytes)

But it's not working I tried in central , dropdown is not working :

Yes it works fine in Collect (you can try it using the test QR Code.
But CSV files are not available in Enketo's preview :

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Got it now. Thanks for the response. :smiley: