Background image on screen

Hey dear, I want to align the text in center on screen and i also want to fix a background image on screen which can be appear behind my questions as a background screen.

Can you provide additional details about what this would look like and why you need it to happen?

It is possible to include an image as part of a question using media.
It is also possible to include images as a select options as also described in posts here and here.
Maybe one of those features will work for you?

No dear, I want image in background of my question.. like we use background image in Whatsapp sometime while having conversation.. if you got my point then please help me out.. if you didn’t get my point.. tell me then I will share some screenshots

That exact thing is not possible in ODK Collect.

I think ODK should have this feature. let us make it as suggestion to ODK team..

If you think this is something that ODK should have please add a post to the Features category! It will help if you can fill out the template and add as many details as possible.

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