Barcode scan to get all of a person's information

How to scan the barcode to get all the information of a person.
any one worked before with this type of the example.

Is the information stored in the barcode or is the barcode an ID that can be used to fetch that information from a file or database?


I have experience utilizing barcodes for the management of blood specimen collection in the field, particularly in the context of conducting transmission dynamics studies on vector-borne diseases such as Visceral Leishmaniasis in Bihar. Barcodes were used not only in the field but also within the laboratory environment. This setup allowed laboratory personnel to effortlessly scan the barcode on each vial and access pertinent information regarding the specimen, including but not limited to the collection date. This streamlined approach greatly enhanced the efficiency and accuracy of specimen tracking and management throughout the study.

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I want that when the barcode is scanned, the person's information such as name, father's name, etc. will appear in each cell separately. All this information is stored in CSV.

Please Share the Xls form.

Dear Faisal,

I cannot share the form as I don't have the authority for sharing it.

What do you get in the variable after scanning?

Thank YOU
Currently, I have not worked on this type of project, I just want to see an example and we will do the same.