Behind the Repos (Episode 01)

Welcome to first ever Behind the Repos, the new ODK Developers’ newsletter!

In this monthly feature, we’ll provide an overview of what the
community is working on, highlight discussions that need your
feedback, and provide a quick way for you to contribute. If you have
suggestions for the next newsletter or would like to write one in the
future, please start a conversation in the #meta channel on Slack

Over the next few months, we’ll continue to lay the groundwork for
future features. We’ll be fixing long-standing bugs, updating
libraries, and asking the community to file their important issues.
The goal is to start discussing a longer-term roadmap in April.

This month

  • Fixing long standing bugs in Collect, Briefcase, and Validate
  • Adding testing to Collect to prepare for new features
  • Moving Build’s database to PostgreSQL for easier contributions

Next month

  • Continue to fix long-standing bugs
  • Bring all libraries in Collect, Briefcase, and Validate up-to-date
  • Review all filed feature requests to clarify needed improvements

Important dates

  • Feb 20 - Collect release (mostly bug fixes)

Feedback needed

Looking for a quick way to contribute? Help develop the roadmap by
filing GitHub issues for bugs or features you care about (or +1
existing issues that match your needs).

I just joined Slack @yanokwa i will make the Behind the Repos run one more time.