Call for Article in ODK Newsletter

Hello Folks,

I am taking lead to make ODK Newsletter and one section is dedicated for Article which will be regarding ODK Development, Briefcase, survey, xlsform, collect or can be a new trick which helps to minimise work.
Best article will be published in the ODK newsletter(like Behind the Repos (Episode 01)) and we will improve rest article which we will get with the help of experts.
I am collecting information in below form so in case of any query, I can contact the author.

@yanokwa @downey @LN @A.N.M_AL-IMRAN Willing forward for your support in this. You all are the most active user on this. I am thinking if we will send this information to all of our users so they can participate more.


Hi Narendra,

Great idea to have all articles in one place. However, is there any specific guideline for the topics? For example: which areas we are covering? Is it about experience sharing? I think if we can give some clue will help everyone to come up with an article.


Sure I’ll come with some idea tomorrow morning if you have any article please upload it.

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@iamnarendrasingh One thing I would love to do if you think it would fit in somewhere is a community member interview. And I would love to interview you if you're up for it!


Thanks, @LN for nominate me for the interview and I am up for this. However, I don't want to make partiality with other users. Each ODK user should get an equal chance to get interviewed.

We should make some rules for a person's interview and I made some few:

  • A person who becomes a moderator in that month.(This will give motivation to other users to make contribution to this community). I am fit in this :blush:. I became mod in 6 months from a new bee this can be a story for other so we can get more participation from other users.
  • An Android/Java developer who made extra efforts to made a new change to ODK or a nontechnical person who made efforts to make documentation on ODK. Like: @yanokwa @downey @Souirji_Abdelghani @Grzesiek2010 @Raghu_Mittal @A.N.M_AL-IMRAN @Ronald_Munjoma @danbjoseph @Akshay_Patel @adammichaelwood @abdoul and much more are there, who can be interviewed i can't mention the name of all but yes I found these on top, might be I am unable to get few top name.

@LN I am thinking for covering 4 section in the newsletter and those are below:

  1. Article on ODK(News on ODK).(Section 1)
  2. Update on ODK Collect/ Briefcase / Aggregate. (Section 2)
  3. Interview with an ODK User(Section 3).
  4. Authors or contributors of the newsletter (a 2 line description at the end of letter).(Section 4)

We can show some stats like :

  • A user which has maximum like in a month.
  • A user which gave maximum like to other users.
  • A user which has maximum replies in a month.

I think we should send this to all user at the end of the month.


In this post, i am putting an article for section 1 or section 2. We can put this article in any section (section 1 o 2 ) as this is providing an update to users of ODK Collect 1.11.0.

                           **Necessity is the mother of invention**

In this article, we will discuss one of great feature that has been introduced in ODK COllect new update, and this is Image Resolution. Previously when a person's form has an option for capturing the image and at that time by default that form takes a maximum resolution of data collector phone's and many time where internet connection is low, Data Collector faced problem a lot in sending the form on the server as the size of form has been increased due to the image.
This time all readers poke to the leader of ODK community to come up with a solution so form size will be less an image can be resized, and yes ODK leader came with a solution in ODK Collect where user can resize image with the help of ODK collect settings. And these settings you can find out below.

I will put numbers in above screenshots.
Otherthig which i can do is that i'll explain above screen shot in theory like: For these settings first we need to open ODK Collet then on top right hand side we need to push 3 dots and need to select general settings. Once you will select General settings...

Looking forward for your suggestion for this article.