Briefcase default export configuration UI

The export panel is starting to be packed with lots of configuration options. The current export panel looks like this:

Since we need to continue adding more conf options, like "disable exporting media files" or "explode choice list fields", we should change the UI to hide the default conf form in order to save some vertical space.

I'd like to propose we reuse the same dialogs we're using to override the export configuration for a particular form to show the default configuration form as well. The general idea would be this:

My only concern is that if the config parameters continue to increase, because you have them on the "summary" at one point the "vertical space saved" is not really too much.

What if the summary just shows something like "default" or "custom" settings message and then the user need to click on the button "Set configuration" (and not "Set default configuration")?


Thanks, @aurdipas. I also agree that we could be taking too much of the vertical space just with the description text of the configuration. The option you're describing sounds reasonable. We could also explore if Swing has tooltip capabilities to show the text when the mouse cursor is over the top of the section, for example.

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I think this option (having 'custom' or 'default' at the top) with the ability to click and see the parameters. While having the parameters appear with a mouse cursor is over the selection would be nice; I wouldn't use it often. My experience using Briefcase is that I wouldn't change these option often.

Thanks for the great work on the recent updates!


Thanks, @Lloyd_Banwart!

I like the idea of removing the summary because it's also simpler to implement. I like when a simpler solution shows up :slight_smile:

Since you and @aurdipas have mentioned the topic of "default and custom" semantics, I'd like to ask for feedback about this too.

When Briefcase exports a form, it resolves the specific configuration by taking their custom conf if the user has set one and, for every empty conf parameter, it falls back to the same parameter in the default conf. That's why I like to explicitly make the distinction and specify "default" in my mockup. Currently, only the
custom conf dialogs specify "Custom" on their titles.

Do you think it's more confusing than just saying "export configuration"?

This is a good point; I don't feel the need to have the difference designated (default vs. custom), but just having 'configuration' would work fine.

An example of this working is how the "Connect" button on "Pull" works, its great that it remains auto-populated with the last use, and if "Export" did this, that would be a nice addition (it may be doing this, I'm actually running v1.8 yet out of laziness to update my downloaded form folders, and the only thing I change is directory (which I always set as desktop then move to where the project is located on my local)"

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This feature has been added to ODK Briefcase v1.12.

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