Building a table or matrix for a set of questions on XLSForm

What is the problem? Please be detailed.
I have been trying to build a table/matrix of questions on XLSForm and have been unable to find a way to do this other than repeating groups numerous times which is not convenient and presentable. What I am hoping to build is a table with a few questions on the rows and then on the columns, answers to those questions at different points in time (now, 12 months, ago, 24 months ago). (see attached image file).

I found the below thread on the topic, but there was no response in the end on how the table can be developed on XLSform.!searchin/opendatakit/matrix|sort:date/opendatakit/uCOF57M06xk/mELmx_YOAwAJ

What ODK tool and version are you using? And on what device and operating system version?
XLSForm (CommCare)

What steps can we take to reproduce the problem?

What you have you tried to fix the problem?
-grouping and then repeating groups

Anything else we should know or have? If you have a test form or screenshots or logs, attach here.

Hi @sohashami

unfortunately, it's not possible in ODK Collect. I had worked on TaroWorks (a project which uses ODK Collet) before I started working on ODK Collect and one of my last features I implemented for them was TableView - you can look here for a presentation Overall it would be possible to implement but it would be useful on bigger screens only, not cell phones (what is ok I think) and probably there would be a problem with supporting all widgets (but in your case it's only String/Number widget so maybe we could start with that basic widgets).

I don't know if a similar proposal exists here if not you can create a new topic and describe your needs - maybe we can do that in the future.


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Hi Grzegorz,

Thank you for your prompt response and assistance. I was afraid this may not be an option on ODK Collect, so we might just stick with repeat groups in that case for now. I'll check out the threads in the link you
sent and will post something on the forum to hopefully get this developed in the future.



Just want to clarify for others like myself who was struggling to understand how you can do that. Found this on Matrix fields

In order to create table/matrix of questions "Just create a group that contains the select one questions that share the same choices and apply the table-list under
appearance column in the begin group row."

Your are right. But it also work for multiple select type question.