Can choice-filter be used in a repeat group?

I use ODK collect 1.9.1. I am trying to do is let ODK collect to do is:
step one, identify the number of a kind of diagnostic products used, such as 4
step two, which type of the that kind of product was used
step three, what company produces the type of product,
step 4 which specific product (name) was used
then repeat from step two until the rounds of repeat meets the number of a kind of the diagnostic products.

the names of the types of types of this kind of diagnostic products are listed in the choices sheet
the names of the companies are listed in the choices sheet, and the product names, as well.

Thi first repeat is Ok. when it comes to second repeat, error happened. and it error hint suggest to use indexed-select

could you help to identify the causes of the problem?Copy of test_section_RDT8_nocascade.xlsx (27.9 KB)

hi @Zaixing_Zhang,

Please have a look at this link 'Choice Filter - #7 by Erinmunrokelley' to find the answer to your question.

Hi @Zaixing_Zhang,

Here's a form with corrections that works (only tested quickly online!) but I got warnings during the validation of the form (see attachment) because your companies' names are too long.

Please note that when the enumerator chooses an 'other' company, we don't know what type_rdt1 to attach to it. I have put only 'other' as type_rdt1 for this case but you could add the other types as separate lines (pan, pf, etc.) combined with 'other' company.
test_section_RDT8_nocascade_edSouirji.xlsx (26.8 KB)
warnings.txt (7.5 KB)



Hey Souirji. Thanks for your assistance. However I checked out your form, and the choice_filters that you have set are on text type questions, not select_one | select_multiple ones.

Hi Joseph;

  I have not dealt with ODK for many months and I am currently doing some urgent consultancy work in 2 foreign countries and it must be completed before year-end. I am therefore unable to help you right now. I am really sorry for that.

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No problem. I did find the answer that OP was looking for in these threads, though:

IMO this is a bug in PyXForm. If a choice_filter is used inside a repeat and targets another node in that repeat, the node reference should replace absolute pathing with relative, e.g. filter_list= current()/../TARGET_QUESTION