Can I change my domain name after Installing ODK Central?

Hi all,

My question is "I installed ODK Central server on a domain name for example after using a month or two, I want to change the only domain name, I do not want to change any other setting of my docker as well as my ODK Central. Now, I want is only to change the domain name with a new domain like".

The software which I am using is:
ODK Central
Docker: ubuntu-based

So, is it possible to change the domain name after setting up ODK Central server? Looking forward for your help.


Hello @iamnarendrasingh

I am no expert on this but I believe you should be able to. You could setup your new domain with the correct A record to point to your server. Then edit the .env file in the central directory after you cloned the project with your new domain name. The next step I believe should be to rebuild your image to be linked with your domain and to get a valid certificate from LetsEncrypt or your custom SSL provider with

docker-compose up -d --build

I have no idea what this would mean for the data already on your server so I would advise you create a backup before attempting any of this.

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