ODK Central - Changing domain names


I have setup ODK Central on a certain domain (e.g. abc.com), and now want the same installation to work under another domain (e.g. xyz.com) [Please note that it is a migration, and not an effort to run both in parallel at the same time]. The server and IP address remains the same, so I just need to map the old IP address to the new sub-domain. What changes do I need to make in Central configuration? Is it just the change in .env file, to update to new URL? I assume I would have to do 'docker-compose build' as well afterwards? Would it hurt the existing forms data present in the Central? Any other changes needed?

I see a relevant link here (Can I change my domain name after Installing ODK Central?) but no confirmed answer. Did you try it and it worked fine @iamnarendrasingh?


Hey @Saad ,

I hope you are well and safe. I follow the below steps:

  1. Login into Cloud(Digital Ocean/AmazonEC2) and open .env file
  2. Open the registered domain DNS page with IP address information.
  3. Update .env file accordingly.
  4. Run the "docker-compose build" command and restart docker.
  5. In my case it took nearby 5-10 minutes to reflect on the new server.


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Any data loss risk possible to happen?

I haven't verified recently, but everything in Enketo is bound to the domain, so I'm pretty sure public access links (and maybe even previews) will not work if you rebuild with a new domain.

It's possible that re-uploading a new version of each form with an incremented version number will fix it, but I haven't tested that workaround.

Worst case scenario, you'll need to go into the Redis DBs at central_enketo_redis_main_1 and central_enketo_redis_cache_1 and manually replace the old domain name with the new. Not straightforward to do, but doable.

Try this on a backup first.

Hey, @Saad as @yanokwa mentioned only public access links and script which I created to download raw data from the server affected. And I rebuild them in my case I did not have any data loss on my side. One more thing, I am not using any other database server for maintaining the datasets.