Can't identify the problem regarding the error message: List name not in choices sheet

Problem is that the ODK server cannot find the list name "customerName1" in Choices sheet. But from my end, I have checked both the survey and choices sheet thoroughly and found that the list name "customerName1" in Choices sheet is already inserted. So, maybe there is something missing in my sheets for which the ODK server cannot find the list name. Please help me to identify the issue.

Please find the demo form for your reference and cross check.
Customer_order_slip_demo.xlsx (133.0 KB)

Delete the empty rows (2507 to 2547) in the choices sheet.

For performance reasons, we stop processing the form when there are more than 20 empty rows or 20 empty columns.

20 empty rows is probably too low of a limit, so I've sent in a patch to bump the maximum allowed number of empty rows to 60.

thank you so much @yanokwa. It was a great help. learnt new thing.