Central upgrade failed with passed parameter selectMultiple was not expected

Just to add to the experience of upgrading from ODK Central v1.3 to v1.4.

I have a different problem with the upgrade process where I would encounter that the forms from ODK collect can't be sent to the ODK Central server.

Upon checking the ODK central server, I tried to log in and create draft form. However, the error message:
"Passed parameter selectMultiple was not expected" was shown and I could not proceed.

I haven't had the time to check the logs since the forms needed to be ready so I restored the VM backup to the v1.3 before updating.

I will try to update to v1.4 another time where I can have more downtime to play around and look at the logs to try and figure out why it happened.

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Hi @erigmac, it sounds like a database migration failed during the upgrade to v1.4. In v1.4.1, we made a change so that before starting, Central will verify that all database migrations associated with an upgrade have completed successfully. That should make it apparent earlier that something has gone wrong.

If you see an error message in your logs, feel free to post it here. That'll help us troubleshoot what went wrong.

We haven't seen many cases of a database migration failing during the upgrade to v1.4. When it's happened, it's been due to Central running out of memory. You may need to temporarily increase your memory allocation (see these instructions).