Collect: Display media in the summary view

Our aim is to improve the user experience when viewing media in the summary or hierarchy view so that data collectors can verify the information is correct and feel confident when sending or viewing sent forms.

We've heard from user feedback that the raw output or string of numbers in the summary view isn't informative when capturing media such as photos or audio. We believe we can drastically improve the experience by displaying media types visually and inline without impacting performance!

We've sketched out what we are thinking and what's in scope for this iteration below. We aim to include this functionality in Collect v2024.3 :tada:

In scope (media question types) :green_circle:

  • Display images
  • Play audio
  • Improve the way coordinates are displayed so it's easier to read
  • Add a barcode & file icon to make it easier to recognize

We will keep the aspect ratio and force a fixed height for images. Tapping on the image from the form entry or the thumbnail in the summary view will open a zoom/pan view. This will be the same for signatures, videos, annotations, and draw.

Out of scope :red_circle:

  • Geo question types and displaying a map with coordinates
  • Display waveform (what you see when capturing audio)

We know displaying the map in the summary view will add a lot of value when data collectors are online, but it's more complex to implement, so this will come a bit later.

Let us know what you think!