Collect only uses GPS for some reason


I have been searching around the forum for more information on this, but have not had success, wonder if it is a device-specific issue:

I am trying to use the whole network + wifi + bluetooth + GPS-determined location on my phone with ODK collect, just like e.g. google maps uses my location. (Not trying to limit to GPS only, opposite problem.) I think ODK collect is only using GPS satellite data for some reason. I have tried to thoroughly check my settings and will include a link to some relevant screenshots.

Settings check:
-Phone's network + bluetooth + wifi location determination is enabled
-ODK Collect has app-level permission to use said network + GPS location
-Bluetooth / wifi scanning are enabled on system
-"Improve location accuracy" is flipped on
-Other apps e.g. google maps know exactly where I am with good precision


  • ODK Collect sees 0 satellites and will not give me a geopoint coord unless I go outside. Appears not to be using network location data.

I am using android build # PQ1A.181105.017.A1 on a Pixel 2XL.

Thank you for any tips or guidance you might be able to provide.

Hi @cinemarob1! Welcome to the ODK forums.

A few months back, Google pushed an update to all devices that limited fused providers to 10 meter accuracy. This broke a lot of campaigns and we scrambled to ship a workaround in a few days. As a result of that workaround, we only use true GPS and not the fused provider. If you want to capture points inside, you'll need to disable the GPS provider and the WiFi/Network provider will be used.

Google has fixed the 10m bug (~ 7 months after the bug was reported) that might allow us to return to a fused provider, but they now have a 3m limit on location.

I suppose we can switch back to a fused provider, but it's work and the core team has more pressing tasks at the moment. If you are a developer, perhaps you can take this on? Or maybe another contributor?

Ok I see. I haven't found a way to disable GPS (without disabling all location services) on the pixel 2xl, but would be nice if I could.

Would love to build out / fix this feature...I've been making some first stabs at coding and will see if it's within my realm of capability, thanks

@cinemarob1 It'd be amazing if you could contribute this feature! The issue has been filed at Be sure to read over before getting started!