Current status of GPS Location Accuracy in ODK Collection

I have read a lot of discussion about changes to ODK's location (geopoint, etc.) measures recently, and the changes that occurred in early 2018. Yaw explained some of the changes here:

Helene opened an issue and there was a follow-up, here, which are either open or works-in-progress:

My questions are about the current status of location collection in ODK Collect.

  1. Is the latest version using the fused location provider or strictly GPS?

  2. Does the answer to #1 (or, more generally, how location is determined) depend on the Android version being used? If so, how can one tell without testing accuracy with and without wifi/network location turned on?

Of course, I'd also be interested to know about progress towards better accuracy, but I can also follow the github threads for that.

As of v1.20 (the latest release), we use the non-fused provider which relies on GPS. If you use Collect and you don't have the GPS on, Collect will ask you to turn it on.

Fused providers will return once we've verified that the accuracy is good enough (or Google deprecates the non-fused provider).

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