Collect requests answer for select multiple on save

Hi Community, hope you are fine and healthy.

I need your support with a question in my attached form. (base formulario)

The problem is the following:

The question 12 of the form, marked with yellow, is a question with multiples answer and the problem is that, after i complete all the form, when i want to save the form i receive a message that says that the question 12 needs to be completed.
Attached you can find the images i took from the phone in order to give you more elements to analyze the case. Nevertheless, its strange that i don't have the same problem when i want to fill the form directly from a link web. (photos)

Hope you can help me.

Base formulario ODK-v1 (backup).xlsx (28.9 KB)
photos.docx (2.4 MB)

I think you should remove required=yes from the begin_group rows and from your rows that are just the label and instruction ("Marque una sola opción por fila."). You should only need to require the rows that require input from the user.
I think that may be what is causing the problem.

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i dont think that this field cause any problem because the same instructions have been done to other fields and these fields are not causing problems...

I couldn't open the photos.docx file. Are these the errors you are seeing?

Notice that you have required a "question" that the user cannot provide an answer for.

If you delete the required=yes for the the rows that are not questions (highlighted red below)...

Then the red asterisk for 'required' on the row of labels will disappear (see below) and you should be able to progress through the form normally without getting the red error and message shown in the first screenshots above.

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okok. Now i understood, let me check this option and come back with the results..

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