Common asked questions

Hello everyone, I’d like that we create a Categorie named common asked questions so that all questions with some word will be automatically placed in this category if they’re counted multiple times.

It’ll make some task more easier for beginners like me to quickly get some bases. Then some we could avoid some repeat questions.

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In my opinion, while a new category like this could help separate between brand new bugs/problems and common questions, I feel most of this "common questions" are the result of not reading through the documentation first or not being precise enough in what the problem is. In both cases, I link them to what they might find useful for each situation and let them elaborate if necessary.

The forum also has the preview that appears at the right while writing a topic, which purpose I think is to limit the amount of repeated or previously answered questions.

I would say that instead of a new category or pinned topic inside #support , we should prioritize referring them to either the documentation or previous questions inside the forum. The second being a larger problem as some answers or case applications might stay in the forums and not be documented elsewhere.



Thank, the barre search is powerful yes, and it give too already asked questions. So it’ll be good to prioritize some research.

For me I think if it’s visible in the page, it’ll help people who just comme without searching.

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Yes many people have strategies just to ask questions if they didn't get same question, they will ask question.
We need to make a system.


I agree that we do want to make some tasks easier for beginners, but my preference is for us to invest in the docs at

I prefer the docs to the forum because with the docs site, we can make terminology consistent, there can be linking to relevant articles to reduce duplication, it will soon be translatable and offlineable, we can track versions, we can open/close issues against the repo, etc.

That said, I do think the current docs could be a lot better about organization. @adammichaelwood started a conversation around this recently and I put my vision for the docs structure at (re)Organizing the Docs.

@abdoul, I'd love your feedback on the link above to see if you think it would help. If not, maybe you can write more about why the forum should be the place for this information.


Hello everyone, Yaw I think a riche FAQs would solve this. I didn’t know that you’ve already working on it. It’s nice.

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I would love to contribute in this.


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One awesome way to help with the documentation @abdoul and @iamnarendrasingh would be to read through what is at and file issues at for common questions that are not yet in the documentation.

@nada_gh had some really great ideas for using the forum to identify areas of needed documentation.

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I am ready to work in this, However, I don't know how to file an issue on GitHub. @LN, Could you tell me how can I file an issue on GitHub.

Hello, me too I'd like to work on it. How to do?

That is awesome @iamnarendrasingh and @abdoul! is the place to go to file issues. There's a big green button on the right side of the page. Once you've filed issues, you can also help write documentation by following the process from

I also encourage you to join the #docs-code channel in the developer Slack for any questions.