Convert from XForm to XLSForm

I use ODk Build to build my forms, but there are a lot of limitations in building a form over there, and I would need to convert an XML exported from the already built ODK Build, to an XLSForm, so that I can understand the logic of the form, to add more options. Thank you very much!

It's not so easy to go from an XForm to an XLSForm. Build has an XLSForm export built-in. Any reason why you can't use that?

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hi, thanks for answering

I can only assemble my forms using ODKBUild and it only converts the forms directly into XML, so I don't use XLSForm (excel as a table) because I don't have the knowledge to assemble my forms that way.. so I ended up adapting to use everything in XML, when something cannot be changed by ODKBuild, I open the XML file directly and edit it manually, but I don't know all the syntaxes in XML programming. For example I want to color the answer options in a question " choose one" but there in the odk docs there are only options to do this in XLSForm and I only know how to do it in XML but if there is no example I can't replicate it..

You can export to XLSForm from Build. See below.

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hello yanokwa thanks for always replying..
this I did but I couldn't transform the xls back into XML the ODK converter didn't work for me, but today I managed could help me with the font colors in choices?

Hi @BrunoAngelo - great to hear you're using ODK Build!

If the ODK Build XLSForm export (or anythign else in Build) doesn't work as you'd expect we'd love to hear about it. Feel free to post here or create an issue on GitHub.

What errors did you get when converting the modified XLSForm back to XML?
Since you can publish the XLSForm directly to ODK Central there should be no need to go XML > XLS > XML.

As for the choice styling, XLSForm supports colours also for choice labels.

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hello my friend, thank you for answering my post.. I really need my forms to be perfect and I'm almost getting it, so I'll be able to continue my job searches.. the error that is giving in this transition I posted in the form of a doubt right here on the forum ---> Problem with cascading