Create an OData connector to use ODK Central as data source in Google Data Studio

1. What is the general goal of the feature?
With a connector for OData sources, ODK Central could be configured as a data source in Google Data Studio (GDS). GDS seems similar to Tableau and MS Power BI. - apparently free (for now) and available (until Google kills it) - product overview - dev docs - how to build a connector

2. What are some example use cases for this feature?
A non-technical user can connect GDS to ODK Central and generate reports and insight.
GDS could be a no-cost replacement for other proprietary GUI analytics platforms, such as Tableau.
Having a no-cost, fairly non-technical analytical platform available would make ODK Central more accessible.

3. What can you contribute to making this feature a reality?
This feature might be a great first issue for someone looking to get involved.

Can you say clearer?

I'll try!

GDS allows users to configure data sources, and access and analyze data from these sources.
I wish ODK Central could be used as data source, and the following facts indicate it might be possible:
ODK Central has a (somewhat standard compliant) OData API.
GDS however doesn't have a "connector" for OData APIs. Yet.
My suggestion is to build a new GDS connector following which supports the ODK Central OData API.

Related, ruODK is an R client for the ODK Cental API (OData and RESTful), now peer-reviewed and released at

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Resources for anyone willing to give this a shot:

  1. Tools:
  2. Target: The ODK Central API docs
  3. Test: Use the ODK Central Sandbox for testing, ask here or create an "Account request" (Disclaimer: I'm not ODK core, but like anyone with an account on the ODK Central Sandbox I can invite others)

I fear building an OData connector will require form introspection and parsing of each data type supported in ODK Central. A starting point might be the R implementation of "I've got the OData, now what" (docs and source).

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