Customize ODK Collect - change app icon

Hi please i'm from Ghana and i need help in customizing odk collect app. I want to change the app icon to my own icon. PLease I will appreciate you help. thank you

Welcome to the ODK forum, @shelynna! We're glad you're here. When you get a chance, please introduce yourself on this forum thread. I'd also encourage you to add a picture as your avatar because it helps build community!

The configuration of the app name and icon is not something that is possible with default Collect. You would need to fork the project, change the code, and then publish the new app on your own Google Play Store Developer account.

It is possible to include an organization logo within a survey form. See this discussion for an example: ODK template logo (How to insert organisation logo)

Can you explain more your use-case? Why do you need to change the app icon?

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Thank you and I will do as you said. Thank you for responding :blush:

Following up here from the same question in Slack.

In general, we don't recommend maintaining a fork just to change the logo. If you do, please note that you will be responsible for making sure your fork pulls in new code to track security updates, etc.

In addition to what @danbjoseph mentioned, you also can configure a project name, color and icon which can satisfy many branding requirements. See this documentation page on how to set those values manually. You can also set them in a configuration QR code. We've tried to keep the application as neutral as possible so that users' projects can be front and center.

If you feel you can effectively maintain a fork and that your branding requirements are so strong that you must have a custom icon, see notes.png in

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