Customize text in the Add Group pop-up in Collect

We are using ODK Collect in precarious communities of Asunción, Paraguay, where volunteers from the community collect data about mosquito breeding sites and infestation. We too have often stumbled upon confusions with the wording "Add Group" because it breaks away from the language and logic of the form they are filling.

I think making this phrase customizable would be a welcomed feature that would greatly reduce confusions and improve UX.

@tomsmyth I vaguely remember you wanting something like this. Am I mis-remembering?

Yes that is correct. I think it would be good to make those customizable. Can't remember where that discussion took place though.

in one of the comments on that roadmap issue:

Third: It would be nice to spiff up the text in the repeat. Right now it says e.g. "Add another 'People' group?" Yikes! If we had some way in the XForms spec of specifying the noun or even the full string here, that would make things a lot more usable.

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Wow great sleuthing, Dan!