Data upload error (500)

I have face problem at the time of uplod data clint tablet to ODK aggregate server please see the below error.

NTF-UHC-WW-Error:Generic Exception: Error: (500) at http://***.***.**.***:****/ODKAggregate/Submission?deviceID=collect%3AUD1 oFBuofk5jpwFS

Please provide me solution of this above error as soon as possible.

Kailash Prajapati

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Are you able to login and access your Aggregate server successfully through a web browser?

If you click "Get Blank Form" in Collect, are you able to successfully view the list of forms on the server?

Also, if it's possible for your future data collection, we recommend you explore switching to ODK Central because Aggregate is no longer being updated.


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Sir is odk central free likes odk Aggregate

Central is free and open source software, just like Aggregate. You do need to install it somewhere, or pay someone to run it for you. Central was designed to be stable, predictable, and fast on limited hardware.

  • It can run on the second-cheapest DigitalOcean configuration (about $10/month, 2GB memory) - see Notes on Performance.
  • There are various threads on the forum about installing on local server hardware.
  • The maintainers of the ODK project also offer paid ODK Cloud hosting plans.

There are also other tools in the ODK ecosystem. For example KoBo Toolbox currently offers free plans.

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Thanks you sir for your valuable information
can you please provide ODK Central application download link.

The Android application for filling out survey forms on a smart phone or tablet is ODK Collect for both Central and Aggregate. Collect maybe downloaded through Google Play. Alternatively, the APK files for all releases may be found on GitHub.

Central also includes the option for filling out forms in a web browser via an Enketo integration. This is possible through Direct Web Browser Submissions or Public Access Links.

ODK Central can be installed on a server following the instructions in the documentation for Setting Up Central. You can also pay for ODK Cloud hosted by the maintainers of ODK.

Sir presently i have run ODK Aggregate server on Windows Server 2012 .
can i have install ODK Central on this server ?
i have download central-1.1.2 source code please explain how to configure.
below link to download ODK Central.

sir i have use XMPP server so if possible ODK Central install in XAMPP server please explain.

@kailash Dan, in his previous post, answered your questions. Did you follow the links? They describe the server requirements as well as how to configure Central. What step did you get stuck on?

Thanks for reply sir at the time of ODK Aggregate installation I have install Tomcat and appache after this install Aggregate software and configuration as available information.

But without ODK Central software how to install and configure.
Also ask if possible ODK Central configure with XAMPP server?

As per provide information I have download Docker desktop and install but how to configure ODK Central please provide help and suggest.


Since you are using Windows, see this:

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