Dependency cycles amongst the xpath expressions

Hi Xiphware,
I have seen that you are well familiar with ODK, Thank you for your valuable support. I got the same message "Error: b'ODK Validate Errors:\n>> Something broke the parser. See above for a hint.\nDependency cycles amongst the xpath expressions in relevant/calculate\n\nResult: Invalid'", but I still enable to detect what's wrong with my xlsform. Please I need help on that.
Thank you again and again.
Médiha (Tunisia, North Africa)

StudentPerceptionODK2018.xlsx (21.6 KB)
Kindly find attached my questionnaire

Hi Mediha,
I just checked your form definition and I noticed "type" single select "select_one vet_choose. I do not think you are supposed to have double underscore _ _ on that definition. I might be wrong but that could be an issue.

Actually I think that is repetitive in most of your single and multiple select definitions.

I suspect the problem is in line 31:

`text	other_pathog_ticks	Please sepcify other			selected(${other_pathog_ticks}, '99')`						

basically, you are saying ${other_pathog_ticks} is relevant only if selected(${other_pathog_ticks}, '99'), which is a cyclic dependency on yourself! :slight_smile:

Try changing it to selected(${pathog_ticks}, '99') instead.

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Dear Xiphware,

You are totally right, it was the problem

Thank you a lot, it's very kind and generous from you to spend time helping others




I'm getting a similar error with my XLSForm. I've tried looking through the guidelines and posts around this error to see if I'm making a similar mistake but I haven't been able to identify where the problem is.

I'm attaching my Excel file and am hoping a fresh set of eyes will be able to see where I'm going wrong!

Thanksethiopiaexlsform2019.xlsx (121.6 KB)

I think the problem may lie in Line 36 (cp11):

select_one, yes_no, cp11, CP11., ${cp11} = 'no' ,yes

cp11: relevant="${cp11}='no' " is self-referencing. Try changing the relevance calculation (I'm not sure what its supposed to be...) and try it again.

Like you said, sometimes after staring at it for far too long, it takes a new set of eyes to spot. :wink:

Hi Dr. Bestor,

Thank you SO much. That was the problem!

I meant to include that expression in the next question to generate a skip but instead put it in cp11 by mistake.

Thanks again for your help!

Glad its working now. Please remember to introduce yourself to the ODK community here :wink:

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