Display group only for certain score

Hello, danbjoseph and how are you doing? Many thanks for last time. I really appreciate it. Please answer a couple of questions. I will like to ask one after the other.

I have a social-economic class variable. So, the total score in this group determines the next group question.

So, the next group will not be displayed if the total score for the SEC is less than 18. Please, how do I go about that?

Please find attached for further review
TRACKER STUDY.xlsx (21.9 KB)

You should be able to use relevant on the group to show or hide the group. If your score is a number and its name is SEC, you should be able to use this comparison operator in the relevant column: ${SEC} >= 18

Hi dannjoseph, Thanks for your feedback. I really appreciate it. I have tried the logic, but it is not working.

The next group is not displayed again, even if the score is less than 18 or greater than 18.

Can you please share the form with the logic you have tried?

Alright. Thanks
TRACKER STUDY.xlsx (22.0 KB)

It looks like your using ${SEC} >=18 but that value is going to be "A,B,C1,C2,D,E" not the score. I think you want to do: ${sum} >=18

Hi, I have tried it. I used ${sum} >= 18. And it works perfectly. Thank you so much.

Please, I have another couple of questions. I want to text pipe the answer selected in q20b to the following questions: q20c, q20d q20e, q20f.

Also, If other specify is selected, I want the text pipe in q19 to be displayed in q19b, q20a.

Finally, in the OPPO section, I
TRACKER STUDY.xlsx (24.4 KB)
want the section to display if the "OPPO" is selected in q19 and if it is not selected in q19b.

Please how I do go about it?

For text piping please see the other thread where you asked this:

For the OPPO section to show/hide, you should make it a group (as shown in the below screenshot). And then the relevant will work on all of the questions in the group. In the form you shared, the relevant is just showing/ hiding a note.