Download excel format from odk build

I currently developed a form in odk build but I can not download it in excel format as it keeps on saying something went wrong when I try to download it as xlsform but xlm works properly.

I am also unable to add the function on my forms to add some entries. Under the same row e.g adding children details under the mother.

Is there odk for iPhone

Thanks a lot.

Hi @Rsekibira

it looks like a bug. Thanks for reporting. I created an issue in the repository

Dear Team, Is this issue solved?

I am having difficulty downloading Excel from ODK Build.

I am new to ODK build, I prefer creating a template in ODK build and then edit the excel which is very convenient for me. I need help with creating cascades, skips etc. It would be really helpful if anyone can share an excel sheet with all possible functionalities which I can use as a template for my project.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @pdineshraj

the issue is still not fixed.
If you need sample forms here is a form with all widgets:

You can get some interesting forms from @LN's profile

and you can always ask.

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hey folks. sorry, the server that Build is on is a little small and so the XLS convertor keeps crashing. i just restarted it, it should work again now.

Thanks, I can confirm that it works well now. I added a comment in the issue about the reason.


Hi, I am working on a form over odk build which I need to make question 10 to be relevant when any of the first 3 options in question 9 is select.